DIN rail mounted with flexible topology...

Cost effective

Highly expandable

  • Local or Distributed expansion Datascan offers a unique combination of local expansion or distributed expansion up to 1.2km across its RS485 network
  • Standard communications The PC connects to the Datascan standard RS232 port using a reliable but simple protocol with multiple PCs able to access the same measurement network
  • Choice of 14/16 bit measurement You can choose between speed and precision as your application demands
  • Wide range of modules Whether analog or digital, input or output, there is a Datascan module to offer a cost effective solution

Click to download the Datascan brochure (Acrobat PDF format, 242kbyte)

Models supported:

7320 16 Ch. measurement processor for T/C, V & mA • 7321 8 Ch. Measurement processor for T/C, V, mA and Strain

7020 16 Ch. expansion for Thermocouples, Voltage & Current • 7021 8 Ch. expansion for TCs, Voltage, Current and Strain

7010 Measurement Processor with RS232 interface • 7031 16 Channel Digital Input

7035 16 Channel Digital Output • 7036 8 Digital Input and 8 Digital Output

7050 8 Analog Input and 8 Analog Output • 7011 RS 232 interface onto RS485 Datascan network