The Lookout-FMS Facility Monitoring System from Acquisition Systems extends the already substantial capabilities of Lookout from market leading National Instruments. It adds a free-format calculator and sequence controller, a flexible and secure data logger, many new front-end drivers and a wealth of diagnostic tools to get you up-and-running even faster.

Built on the 32 bit Windows 95/98/NT operating systems, Lookout-FMS offers unparalleled power and flexibility for systems of all sizes; from a few I/O points up to many thousands.

  Versatility Whether in your laboratory, test department or production facility, Lookout-FMS provides you with the tools you need to monitor and analyse your process or test, producing the results you need in the format you want.

With support for a wide variety of measurement devices, including both remote and local Data Acquisition Systems, PLCs and plug-in cards, Lookout-FMS readily interfaces to your plant and test equipment.


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Flexibility The free-format calculator within Lookout-FMS lets you develop simple English language statements to manipulate values as they arrive from the measurement devices. The calculator includes a wealth of built-in functions, not only to access input/output values, but also conditional expressions, logical, relational and time-related functions. In addition, user-defined functions can be created and used as easily as the built-in functions, allowing you to develop efficient, reliable and maintainable calculations.
Visibility The extensive diagnostic facilities within Lookout-FMS allow you to develop and debug your application with the confidence that behind the ‘finished pictures’ lie dependable results. While developing an application, the entire map of input/output points is visible at a glance, allowing you to validate the ‘raw’ values as they arrive from the sensors. Even before real devices are attached to the system, you can inject values directly or use simulated devices to verify correct system operation.