Hand Held Particle Counters...

Portable Hand Held

Clear, Simple Display

  • Hand Held Ideal for discontinuous monitoring of clean room facilities in hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical and microelectronic production facilities.
  • 0.3Ám, 0.5Ám, 0.7Ám, 1.0Ám, 2.0Ám and 5.0Ám at 0.1 cfm (2.83 l/min) sampled via the internal pump.
  • Battery powered, with up to six hours continuous operation.
  • Internal storage of 500 sample records including sample location identifiers.
  • Absolute or concentration counting modes with audio facility for leak detection.
  • Measures temperature, relative humidity, particle counts, sample volume and alarms.
  • Download stored data via RS232/485 using Windows 95/98/NT utility software for use in spreadsheets.

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  See also: FMPC Distributed Particle Counter for Facility Monitoring