Distributed I/O with power down the line...

Power down the line

Built for the toughest environments

  • Rugged IMPs are housed in an aluminium die cast case, water resistant to IP65 with an operating temperature range of -20C to +70C
  • Reliable communications A PC based card uses an on-board microprocessor to maintain high integrity communications up to 1.5km
  • Up to 10 scans per second Deterministic measurments of up to 10 results per second per channel, irrespective of how many channels are being measured - ideal for event recorders
  • Optional Galvanic Isolation 500V channel to channel and channel to ground (voltage inputs only) is available as an option for the card based (un-cased) 20 channel analog input model

Click to download the IMP brochure (Acrobat PDF format, 1.2Mbyte)

Models supported:

35951A 20 channel voltage and thermocouple inputs • 35951C 20 channel reed relay inputs

353951B 10 channel RTD (PRT) and strain gauge inputs • 35951D 4 channel analog outputs

35952A 20 channel digital status, frequency, period, output • 35952B 32 channel digital status inputs

35951H 20 channel universal IMP - analog or digital inputs • All IMC versions of the above models