Breathe new life into old loggers...

No GBIP interface needed

Improved strain gauge support

  • All models Lookout-FMS can drive Solartron Scorpio and Orion units of any type, including the older 3530 'Alpha' and 'Delta' models, and the popular 3531 disk-based loggers.
  • Simple communications The driver software communicates with the Scorpio/Orion units via the standard RS232 port available on all Data Logger models, and uses the standard 'COM' ports built-in to the PC. Further logger devices can easily be connected via additional PC COM ports.
  • Easy setup A simple menu offers quick and easy setup of the Scorpio/Orion sensor definitions for each channel. The driver software automatically uses 'Task One' within the logger to carry out the scanning, and sets this up entirely without intervention from the user.
  • BASIC Scorpio/Orion BASIC programs can be created and maintained on the PC using standard editors, and the programs automatically downloaded to the logger.
Loggers supported:

3535D Scorpio with floppy disk and display • 3535F Scorpio Front-End • 3535G Scorpio Front-End with disk

3530A Orion 'Alpha' • 3530B 'Blind' Orion • 3530D Orion 'Delta' with BASIC • 3530F 'Blind' Orion with BASIC

3531D Orion with floppy disk • 3531F Orion Front-End • 3531G Orion Front-End with disk

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