Acquisition Systems

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Acquisition Systems provides complete solutions across a wide range of industries and applications. From material testing to complete machine tests, AS has successfully applied its expertise in signal conditioning, data acquisition, recording, display and analysis of measurements. Explore typical examples of recent project successes in the following sections:

Machine Health Monitoring

Machine health monitoring systems typically monitor vibration, temperature, flow, speed and pressure parameters to allow early detection of problems before costly mechanical failure occurs. Permanently installed on-site, these applications include engine, gearbox, bearing and seal monitoring systems.

Test Bed Systems

Test beds allow new engine, motor or gearbox designs to be put through their paces to prove mechanical design and performance verification. AS provides solutions that can control the test sequences and gather data from a wide range of sensors such as temperature, speed, torque, vibration and displacement. A typical test bed system can be easily adapted to accommodate different target units that require testing at different times.

In-Vehicle Monitoring

AS provides specialist solutions where in-vehicle monitoring is required, often in the harshest of environments. Key parameters are constantly monitored during field operation and innovative data recording techniques allow capture of events that precede and follow specific triggers, providing insights into causes of failure.

Environmental Test Systems

New designs are frequently tested under extreme environmental conditions by running them inside a climatic test chamber. Acquisition Systems offers solutions that not only record the environmental conditions but also capture the performance of the unit under test (UUT). Typical environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity are captured seamlessly with measurements such as speed and vibration from the UUT, allowing correlations to be made.

End of Line Production Test

AS offers automation of end-of-line production test where stringent specifications must be met for each product leaving the production line. AS expertise is used to combine high precision measurement with ease of use features such as barcode scanning, quick connection and simple pass/fail indication of the unit under test. Behind the scenes, all the key parameters are recorded in a database allowing integration with the factory’s manufacturing system data.

Bespoke Control Systems

AS has unrivalled skills in analog and digital design, control algorithms, signal conditioning, high speed acquisition, recording and analysis of data, and welcomes the opportunity to apply its wealth of knowledge to provide bespoke solutions that fall outside the scope of-the-shelf applications.