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enVigil-Flex Software

An easy to use, configurable software package with I/O database, alarms, calculator, periodic data logging, reports and multiple drivers. Available in 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 10,000 I/O database point licenses, enVigil-Flex offers a wealth of data visualisations and controls including trend graphs, bar graphs, XY plots, sliders, radio buttons and data entry. These enable you to easily create screens tailored to your unique application. Already feature-rich, enVigil-Flex can be further enhanced through optional modules:

enVigil-Flex Advanced Logging Package

Combining Event logging, SQL data logging and SQL Alarm logging, the Advanced Logging Package offers capabilities beyond the integrated periodic data logging and asynchronous alarm logging of enVigil-Flex. Event logging allows you to specify trigger conditions along with a pre-event and a post event capture period. Often combined with high speed data acquisition, this facility allows high resolution capture of data around an event, without the continuous capture of large volumes of data.

enVigil-Flex Test Automation Package

Comprising the Test Sequencer, Data Table and Report Builder modules, the Test Automation Package allows you to automate test sequences where predefined sets of control parameters and test criteria can be loaded and applied under specific conditions. Typical examples include taking a gearbox though a series of acceleration/deceleration profiles for each gear while recording its response.

enVigil-Flex Recipe Package

Recipes offer the ability to apply predetermined sets of measurement and/or control parameters via a simple user interface, for example, loading a set of tests appropriate for a specific unit under test. Using a standard spreadsheet to initially set up the recipe, the Recipe Package offers direct access to alarm setpoints, database values and descriptors as well as the ability to launch a sequence of programs associated with a test.