Acquisition Systems

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ASL Overview

Excellence in data acquisition and control

Acquisition Systems prides itself on designing and manufacturing hardware and software solutions for a wide variety of applications that vary in scale and complexity.

Standard hardware

Acquisition Systems Ltd offers the MX5000 range of data acquisition hardware to provide space efficient rack based I/O offering inputs for voltage/thermocouples, 4-20 mA, PT100/PT1000, vibration and digital I/O capability. It also offers similar functionality in the Series 2000 range of distributed data acquisition modules.

Standard software

Our enVigil-Flex software provides an integrated approach for data acquisition systems where the core software modules provide a high level of functionality. Specific features include multiple hardware drivers, trend graphs, XY plots, mimics, data-logging, reports, data to MS Excel, OPC server and network solutions. We have many enVigil systems installed across the world meeting and exceeding customer expectations. enVigil-Flex can be easily customised to provide an application specific solution, allowing a discrete user interface to be created to suit the most demanding of applications. Successful existing applications include the following:
- Full SCADA control system of military gearbox test beds
- Production test systems for plastic welded pipe fittings
- Monitoring systems for power station applications
- Electrical grid monitoring systems
- Gas turbine monitoring and systems
- Environmental test systems for military aircraft and vehicles

System integration

System integration to meet customer’s user and application requirements including software configuration, hardware integration, commissioning, final test and ongoing support services.

Bespoke hardware design

Our design team provides bespoke OEM hardware and software solutions involved in the provision of "tailor made" equipment such as Electronic Control Units for gearbox and clutch applications for the military and marine market sector. Our custom designed modules are deployed worldwide in many OEM products.